Seasonal Shifts at Taushubetsuー季節が進むタウシュベツ

The water level of Nukabira Lake has been rising, and in recent days, the pillars of the Taushubetsu  Bridge have begun to submerge.


With almost all the remaining snow now gone from Mount Nipesotsu in the background, it seems the influx of meltwater will soon subside.

In my previous post, I shared a photo taken from the same angle on this day six years ago, in 2018. Comparing the two, it’s evident that the snowmelt this year has progressed much faster, as the older photo showed Mount Nipesotsu still thickly blanketed in white.


As the days go by, the greenery becomes more vibrant. Even the crows by the water seem to step lighter, as if in tune with the season's change.