Rising Waters and Northern Lights in Shihoro, Hokkaido

The flow of the Taushubetsu River, filled with meltwater, seems a bit quieter and more serene compared to earlier times.


At Nukabira Lake, where the river flows, the water level continues to rise slightly, with just about 1.5 meters to go before reaching the base of the bridge pillars. It's now the season when the wind stills and reflections of the bridge can be seen in the water.


However, typically after the snowmelt ends, the water level starts to drop again. Mount Nipesotsu, one of the mountains at Daisetsuzan National Park, visible across the lake, still shows patches of white, which might be a good indicator of the changing season.


Last night, not only in Hokkaido but across Japan, it was possible to witness the aurora.


The only remaining station building of the former National Railway Shihoro Line, which the Taushubetsu Bridge was part of, is located about an hour’s drive from the bridge in Shihoro Town.


Fortunately, the timing coincided with the International Space Station (ISS) crossing the night sky after sunset, allowing me to capture a unique shot of the aurora, the ISS, and the Shihoro Station building together.