Under a starry sky ー2月の夜、星空の下でー

That night I was under a starry sky.

It was mid-February. On a moonlight night, neither too bright nor too dark, I headed for the Taushubetsu bridge.

The temperature was -24°C. The snowfield was reflecting the moonlight in the cold.



The Milky Way lies over the Taushubetsu bridge.

In the freezing cold of midwinter, the time to look up at the summer constellations feels special to me.


The bridge, familiar to me in the daytime, gives a different impression when illuminated by moonlight.

As dawn approaches, the number of stars gradually decreases. The color of the sky changes to a dreamy mixture of moonlight and sunlight.


Beyond the Taushubetsu bridge, the 2,000-meter-high mountains have turned red in the Morgenrot. Sunrise will soon approach.



2022年9月から2023年2月までの半年間に撮りためたタウシュベツ川橋梁の写真を収録する『タウシュベツ日誌 第6号』は、クラウドファンディングでの支援者の方にお届けする限定写真集です。

『タウシュベツ日誌 第6号』制作プロジェクト