On a foggy morningー氷点下17℃の霧の朝ー

I headed out to the Taushubetsu bridge this morning before sunrise. The temperature soared to nearly 0°C yesterday, and this morning it quickly turned cold to -17°C. Because of this, I saw morning fog drifting on Lake Nukabira.

In the snowy landscape, the Taushubetsu bridge stands surrounded by fog. It was a scene that could be seen only a short before dawn.


Have you ever experienced the -17°C cold? At the temperature below freezing, the snow that fell the day before does not stick.

When you walk with snowshoes, the snow flies off your feet. That's an experience we can have only in chilly winter.


As I approached the Taushubetsu bridge, the sun was rising. The scene with the mist drifting in the air is even fantastic.


Even in the long winter, there are only a few chances for the Taushubetsu bridge to be surrounded by winter fog. I had a lucky morning.


As the bridge revealed, the damage to the bridge was becoming more and more apparent.

If you are interested in more detail about the Taushubetsu bridge, you can learn more here.


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